Chocolate Chip Cookie


2 Videographers: Pre-Ceremony + Ceremony + Reception

This is the complete package! A package for couples looking to have their wedding filmed in its entirety that includes all those touching speeches, and of course the vow exchanges in the ceremony.

  • Flash Drive
  • Raw Footage
  • Custom Flash Drive Box
  • Coffee Table Photo Book
  • Save The Date Video (1-2 minutes)
  • Extended Trailer (2.5 to 5 minutes)
  • Extended Video: Full Ceremony + Speeches
  • 8 Hours + (Pre-Ceremony + Ceremony + Reception)
  • Final Film- 15-25 mins

Snicker Doodle


2 Videographers: Pre-Ceremony + Ceremony + Reception

If you are still looking for a sweet film with just a little extra goodness, this is the choice for you. We will capture all those special moments before the ceremony when everyone is still getting ready.

  • Flash Drive
  • Custom Flash Drive Box
  • Raw Footage
  • Trailer (1 to 2 minutes)
  • 8 Hour Maximum (Pre-Ceremony + Ceremony + Reception)
  • Final Film- 6-8 mins

Sugar Cookie


1 Videographer: Ceremony + Reception

This package is the most economical for the small, off-season wedding. It's perfect for couples looking to remember the ceremony and reception festivities with highlighted moments. It is set to a custom score and played like a music video. Like a sugar cookie, it's simple yet sweet.

  • Flash Drive
  • 6 Hour Maximum - (Ceremony + Reception)
  • Final Film- 4-6 mins

Mini Cookie

Engagement Video

If you are viewing this site than you have a love story.  This package is about telling that love story in a relaxed environment before the big day.  Often referred to as an engagement video, we will sit down and talk about what brought you two together, all those fun memories, and the memories you look forward to making with each other.  This package is perfect for save the dates and sharing with everyone.